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Play GamePlay: is a unique io game at gogy for kids. In the game, take care of various aspects of your character such as you can grow, age and rebirth; sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet. To survive - you will have to find a job and buy buildings. The main goal of the game is to live your game life. 


First of all customize your character → Choose gender + skin color + outfit. You must watch out for other players in the city, because they will try and attack you and eliminate you. Don'n worry, here at  

Earn money

- Work on a computer: Find money on the roads or kill people.

- Once you have enough, you can buy a building. You get money, if each time someone buy something in your building.

- Find employment to earn cash, use that cash to purchase food and supplies so you can survive.

- Upgrade your skills

- Each year, you can improve your character on: Computing, Trading, Strengh, Speed, ...

Get a successor

- Before dying, think to buy a successor in a nursery.

- The more skills your successor has, the more expensive he'll be.


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☆ A full .io city survival game that has some elements

☆ Basic needs to maintain

☆ Buy a building to generate income

☆ Aging system

☆ Level up to upgrade a skill

☆ Map navigator



  • WASD - Control the movement
  • The left click - Attack
  • Enter - Chat
  • E key or Spacebar - Interact
  • M key - Open map
  • Right click - Delete an item
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